About Dr. Peter

I have been in ministry as Apostle and Teacher since 1970, and my official title is Dr. Peter (A. TH., B. TH., M. TH., D. Div.),  and my ministry is not only the body of Christ, but to the lost and dying of this world.

During His early Ministry, Jesus sat with common, everyday people (sinners) and even prostitutes, something which today is shunned by the church. God has given me a gift for singing, which I have used since the late 50s and at his leading, I perform wherever He opens the doors. The Holy Spirit even leads me to go to the dark places,  to sing my music, yes even secular music, and to share God’s love.

There are many religious people who cannot understand how I could go to such places. Just as they do not understand many of the things Jesus did. In fact, the religious people looked down on Jesus and eventually killed him.

I will say this, unless God has called and anointed you for such a ministry, be vary careful what you do and where you go.

Read my book, the 5 Fold Ministries of the New Testament Church for more information.